Video Budgets

Some simple tips which we have found can save money on all areas of production. With all services performed in-house, you won’t see any outsourced costs in your quotes and final project costs.

Meetings - Arrange initial meetings with us as early on in the concept phase. We can offer guidance on what work’s well, and where we can help save time and money. 

Interviewee’s - Arrange for all interviewee’s to be at the same location on the same day to keep filming costs to a minimum. Presentation 

Video Budgets

Crew requirements - We have found one member of our team is often enough to fulfill your Direction, Production, Filming and Editing needs.

Editing - We do not charge for capturing the footage into our edit systems, and we can come to any location to edit same day as filming, or as a pre-booked edit session with one of your team.


Our costs start from £1,000, as like this example here. This includes a days filming and days editing. This includes drone filming and on-screen graphic work.


Providing your teams with tailored saftey videos, how-to- guides, role play and inducton videos - costs from £1000.

Sales Adverts

Full editable video templates branded to your company, with product images and text aligned to your latest promotion or campaign - from £150 per video.


Editable video templates covering all seasonal celebrations. A simple message to your followers with no hard sell - from £150 per video.


We work with you to write the best script to promote your service, product or promtion - costs from £500 per video.


Full storyboared animation videos produced in-house. We agree the story, script the message, and start production - costs from £1,250.

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